Lawrencedale Agro, Tata-Tesco launch fresh produce packs

Lawrencedale Agro to tie up with States to boost horticulture

Lawrencedale Agro, Tata-Tesco launch fresh produce packs

Fresh produce aggregating company – Lawrencedale Agro Processing India has expanded its scope of partnership with Star, a Tata-Tesco enterprise, by launching co-branded packets “Specially Packed for Star”.

These co-branded fresh produce packs will be available at Star Extra in Bengaluru.

“Earlier, Star – a multi-format hypermarket chain present in Maharashtra and Karnataka – was sourcing our regular fresh produce supply. Now, through this partnership, some key 25 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) of fresh produce at Star Extra will have co-branded packets under “Specially Packed for Star” from the house of Lawrencedale Agro Processing,” said Palat Vijayaraghavan, Founder and Chief Executive of Lawrencedale.

LEAF brand

Stating that this expansion, in its scope of operations, has been the differentiating factor in the fresh produce marketplace, Vijayaraghavan said, “That Star has recognised this initiative is heartening. Contaminant-free packed vegetables not only ensure freshness and hygiene, but add to customers’ convenience.”

The company on an average handles 35 tonnes of fresh produce every day, right from the farms to retailers under its brand “LEAF”. It has, in recent months, reached out to more than 300 retailers through an integrated cold chain.

A company spokesperson told BusinessLine that just about 8 to 10 tonnes of the total daily sourced volume of fresh vegetables were marketed under “LEAF” brand.

The company plans to enhance its vegetable procurement volume to 200 tonnes/day in three years, and envisions marketing at least 70 to 80 per cent of these as branded packs To a query on vegetable prices, he said, “The price of Ooty vegetables have shot up in the last one month. Ooty carrot, which is our flagship product has risen to ₹90-100 a kg (farm gate price) from a level of ₹60-70 a kg a month ago.

“While prices tend to rise in January-February, we have not witnessed it peak to such levels in the last three years. Volumes are available as the arrivals include carrots from the plains but the quality is not that good,” he said.

He added, “It is a double whammy for Lawrencedale as Ooty carrots account for a huge chunk of our supplies; and the price of this farm produce has not just swelled but availability of carrots from the plains is impacting us.”

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