A sustainable tomorrow begins today

Sustainability is deeply rooted in our minds. We prioritize sustainability and believe it’s crucial for a healthy future. We make conscientious choices and farm responsibly to honor the land’s bounties and empower our farming community.

A sustainable tomorrow begins today

Sustainability is deeply rooted in our fields. We prioritize sustainability and believe it’s crucial for a healthy future. We make conscientious choices and farm responsibly to honor the land’s bounties and empower our farming community.

We at LEAF work for livelihood improvement of marginalized small hold and tenant farmers

LEAF is a decade old farmer services company.

Established in Nilgiris, present throughout South and Central India.

One-stop solution for marginalized farming community.

Network of over a million farmers.

Regenerative farming techniques

One Stop Solution for Marginalized Farmers

LEAF Touch for Farming Success!

We revolutionize farming, elevating quality and sustainability for a greener future!

Prime Harvest

Dramatically improves the quantity & quality

Cost Effective

Reduce cost of cultivation

Environmentally safe

Reduces dependency on harmful chemicals

Carbon Footprint

Reducing the greenhouse gas emission

Pure Produce

Ensuring food safety aspects at farming level

Reducing Wastage

Reducing supply chain losses and ensuring traceablity

Nourished Lives

Safe & nutritious food for consumers

Prosperous Growers

Sustainable income to farmers

Financial Inclusion

Enabling affortable credit & improving credit score

A Revolution in Innovation

As trailblazers in agricultural technology adoption, LEAF drives efficient farm management through digital agriculture extension services, integrating remote sensing and drone technologies. LEAF digitized agribusiness ecosystem serves as a bridge, connecting farmers to customized solutions. This seamless exchange of knowledge and resources empowers farmers, fostering heightened agricultural productivity and bolstering sustainability, marking us as industry leaders in transformative agricultural practices.

We are the change makers

Impact of LEAF

Upto 30% Savings in Input Costs

Farmers have realized savings of more than 30% in their cost of cultivation Controlled dispensing model drives changes Savings through quality cost-effective inputs, and interest cost

20% Increase In Marketable Produce

Through LEAF's scientific advisory and quality inputs along with various soil monitoring solutions and modern harvesting practices, farmers have been able to reap more than 20% improvement in top grade marketable harvest

10% Increase In Yield

Increase in the volume of production by 10% through effective scientific interventions

22% Benefit From the Procurement Program

By bringing in transparency to the farm-gate procurement and widening the market access, marginalised farmers are enjoying 22% more benefit from LEAF procurement program

56-78% growth in Income

With better quality of top grade harvest and reduction in input costs, the LEAF community of farmers has successfully increased their income ranging between 56-78% consistently

60% reduction in chemical usage

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions resulting in improving nutrients and minerals in soil, making it regenerative

20% reduction in food waste

Reduced food waste through efficient supply chain management

LEAF's Network of Success!

Discover our widespread network, connecting communities to agricultural excellence. Join us on a journey of growth and innovation!

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LEAF Ecosystem Partnerships

Our mission has been years in the making and will take years more to come to fruition. We need the strength of the world if we are to catalyze change at the scale it needs to be on for a sustainable future. Join the ranks of our environmentally conscious partners and help herald a world that is more informed of the impact responsible agriculture has.

Our forward market linkages

We are proud to work with large format and neighbourhood retailers, progressive wholesalers and food processing industries of the highest caliber as forward market linkage partners. Reach out to us and promote and protect sustainable livelihoods.

Our Board Of Directors

Geoff Woolley, Director, Patamar Capital

Geoff Woolley, Director, Patamar Capital

Co-founder and partner at Patamar Capital Active in venture capital investing for over 30 years, managing more than USD 2 Br in Investment capital as the founder of successful venture funds in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Founding Partner of Dominion Ventures and European Venture Partners. Geoff has invested debt and equity in over 400 companies, including Clena, Coinstar, Hotmail, and Human Genome Science. He has been involved in frontier market venture capital investing since ne joined Unitus Labs as a board member in 2001.

Palat Vijayaraghavan, Founder & CEO

Palat Vijayaraghavan, Founder & CEO

Palat Vijayaraghavan founded Lawrencedale Agro Processing in Ooty, The Nilgiris in 2009 after being witness to the numerous troubles which farmers go through in managing the farming life-cycle. An automobile engineer by education, he is a long-time resident of Nigiris, and has been active in preserving the natural environs of the ecological biosphere. A fellow of the Urreasonable Group (backed by Barclays), he is an avid traveller and brings back the best farming practices to apply in the Indian context. Vijay is also a member of the Cell panel on Good Agricultural Practices and actively takes part in the mentoring agri start-ups under government and private programmes.

Venkatesh Vishwanathan - CFO

Venkatesh Vishwanathan - CFO

He is a Chartered Accountant and has about 20 years of experience in accounting, finance, consulting & advisory service and has handled a variety of projects across different sectors. • He has worked with companies like Moore Stephens (Audit Division) and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Private Limited (Consulting & Financial Advisory). He has experience in Accounting and Auditing. Feasibility Study, Business Strategy, Business Re-structuring. Preparation of Accounting Policies and Manual, Due Diligence, Assistance in Fund Raising (Private Equity & Debt), Valuation of Business. He is associated with LEAF since 2012.

Vaidhehi Ravindran, Director, Lightrock India

Vaidhehi Ravindran, Director, Aspada Investments

Partner at Lightrock India (earlier Aspada Investment Company) As an energy and chemicals consultant in New York, she has worked across several stages of project development of refining and petrochemical multi-billion dollars projects in the Americas and Africa. Has the distinction of being the first woman involved in project commissioning and refinery operations at Indian Of Corporation. She has a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs and a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli.

Anne Cathrine Garde, Director, Bestseller Foundation

Anne Cathrine Garde, Director, Bestseller Foundation

Head of Investment of BestSeller Foundation-private philanthropic foundation aiming to improve the lives of less privileged people by nurturing development and change through investments in businesses in India and Africa. Anne has worked with Price Waterhouse Coopers across various functions/verticals including corporate finance, business ethics and sustainability apart from Transparency International. Anne holds a Masters degree in International Business & Poltics from the Copenhagen Business School and also a Degree in Impact investing from the University of Cape Town.

Our Awards & Recognition

LEAF is privileged to have been recognized globally reputed organization for our work in sustainable livelihood improvements of marginalized farmers.

FICCI - YES Bank National Award for LEAF - November 2023

LEAF is honoured to have won the FICCI – Yes Bank Sustainable Agriculture Awards for the third successive year during 2023. Right from the debut of the awards during 2021, LEAF has been winning the awards for ‘Sustainable Farmer Income Enhancement Program’.

LEAF awarded ‘Most Trusted Fresh Produce Supply Chain Company - India’ (2022)

“Despite the obvious hardships the last two years have brought to all industries, we’ve seen many from all over the APAC region work tirelessly to adapt and overcome a myriad of challenges, and we believe more than ever the incredible dedication by these individuals and businesses should be recognized. We are delighted to award Lawrencedale Agro Processing Private Limited as the Most Trusted Fresh Produce Supply Chain Company – India,” APAC Business Awards 2022.

FICCI - YES Bank National Award for LEAF - November 2022

Lawrencedale Agro Processing India Private Limited was awarded the First prize in the Sustainable Farmer Income Enhancement. “The award is a testimony of LEAF’s long-standing efforts in areas of farmer income enhancement and responsible agriculture growth. While furthering the agenda of sustainability these practices also aim at scalability due to their feasible nature. We are confident that your organization will be amongst the trailblazers in the smart and sustainable agriculture domain.

FICCI - YES Bank National Award for LEAF - November 2021

Lawrencedale Agro Processing India Private Limited was awarded the First prize in Sustainable Agriculture Development “The award is a testimony and a recognition of LEAF’s farmer engagement programs that promote sustainable agriculture development and those that focus on improving farmers’ income.”

LEAF is part of the New Vision for Agriculture - World Economic Forum

LEAF has been recognized as the core member of a select group of 20 companies in India for the ‘New Vision for Agriculture (NVA)’ which is a global initiative of the World Economic Forum. The core group under ‘New Vision for Agriculture works to strengthen food security, environmental sustainability, and economic opportunity through a market-based, multi-stakeholder approach.

Barclays and Unreasonable Group recognize LEAF for the generation of employment in agriculture during the COVID-19 crisis

London-headquartered multinational financial services major Barclays along with New York-based social impact platform Unreasonable Group awards LEAF in recognition of the exceptional work being undertaken by LEAF in addressing the immediate and long-term challenges resulting from the effects of the global pandemic. LEAF was among the ten companies across the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions chosen for this prestigious award. “LEAF has been recognized for their ingenious approaches to tackling almost impossible-sounding challenges, especially in some of the most challenged communities across the globe. We’re in awe of the speed with which LEAF is working to deliver social impact, and of the scale of the positive impact that they have already had. We’re honored to be able to extend our support through the Unreasonable Impact COVID-19 Response Initiative. We are humbled to be supporting the exceptional work of LEAF.

Media Center

Media Center

We are proud to work with organized & unorganized retailers

Thriving with Leaf

Become a vital part of our mission. Join hands with LEAF to drive positive change in agriculture and communities.

Leaf Farmer Network (LFN)

Tradition and Technology in Tandem

Building digital agri-business ecosystems

LEAF, in a strategic partnership with MASTERCARD, has launched the LEAF Farmer Network. The Network digitizes forward market linkages, marketplaces, payments, and financial inclusion programs by connecting buyers, farming input suppliers, AgTechs, and banks with FPOs/farmers, helping create a commercially viable ecosystem with all relevant agriculture value chain players and equitable commercial exchange mechanisms. The LFN currently has over a  million farmers onboard and the numbers increase by the day!

Enabling Digital Management of Farms

LEAF’s Farm Data Management Portal, developed by Sagri Japan, helps in
harnessing the power of satellite data along with Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning. This agriculture service management tool allows
farmers to remotely monitor and manage their farms, enables and
enhances timely and efficient deployment of the solutions needed to
ensure soil and plant health thereby saving time, money, and effort in the
long run.

Managing and Measuring Impact

The execution and impact of our agricultural extension services are accurately monitored and measured using our very own tech-enabled tools This allows us to constantly track our processes and refine them in our constant journey towards growth and sustainability.

Integrated Cold Chain
Logistics Driven By Technology

Fresh produce goes through at least 7 intermediaries before reaching the shelves. The poor handling of the produce leads to 30% wastage and a reduction of 5-7% margin at each level. LEAF™, with technology at the helm of its integrated cold-chain logistics model, promises to deliver quality produce, while drastically reducing wastage.

Agro Processing For Better Products

Natural products are perishable and prone to microbial growth. With our processing methods, we ensure that they stay fresh and safe throughout the journey. The automated washing technology removes microbes, harmful pesticides and chemicals, without removing the nutrients.  

LEAF™, products are Safe and Dependable

Thriving with LEAF

Join us now to make a positive impact. Together, we can create a sustainable future through regenerative agriculture.

Thriving with LEAF

Join LEAF in empowering marginalized farmers. Partner for sustainable, regenerative agriculture, transforming lives and landscapes together.

Thriving with LEAF

Partner with LEAF to engage with reputable retailers, wholesalers, and processors, supporting sustainable livelihoods.

Thriving with LEAF

Looking to enhance your agricultural operations? Connect with us today for expert advice and tailored solutions!

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