Agro Processing

Agro Processing

For Better  Products

Natural products are perishable and prone to microbial growth. With our processing methods, we ensure that they stay fresh and safe throughout the journey. The automated washing technology removes microbes, harmful pesticides and chemicals, without removing the nutrients.  


Leaf™ products are Safe and Dependable.

Agro Processing Workflow
Post-harvest supply chain

The advancements in Agro-processing technology allows us to:

Optimize harvesting time.

Cold-storing of raw fruits and vegetables.

With secure handling of the produce, Leaf™ limits wastage and ensures that the products are clean and green. Our state-of-the-art, completely automated processing units can handle cleaning, grading, drying, storage, treatment, packaging and retail re-packing.

Cold Rooms

Retaining freshness & enhancing the product’s shelf life.

Our advanced, environment-friendly, PUF insulated Cold Rooms are supported with 24×7 power backup. The tropicalized refrigeration units are precision-made to exude the right temperature. They conform to international standards to preserve items for long durations in all seasons.

Eat right out of the package.

Our products are packaged in CORALENE antifog film – a bi-oriented, co-extruded polyprop-ylene film for wrapping fruits and vegetables using flowpack packaging machines. This makes it free from microbes and ready for consumption.

Waste Management

We ensure what comes from our land doesn’t end up in the landfills. Our R&D team develops new products and processes to recycle waste, agricultural residues and by-products for better economic utilization.