Community Farming

Community Farming

Farming at its natural best

Over 80% of farmers in India own less than just 2 acres of land. With limited resources, they can’t better or increase their yield. With a small produce and no access to bigger markets, they are compelled to accept the price dictated by middlemen. Leaf™ is here to change this situation.

Right from soil testing, Leaf™ community farming interventions are designed to enhance every stage of the crop life cycle. It’s integrated supply chain promises what the farmers and end users deserve.


Small-scale Farmers


Regions Covered


Acres Farmland

A network of farmers

We work with over 3,000 small-scale farmers. We’re present in 10 key vegetable growing regions across South India. Our plan is to build a network of over 10,000 farmers within the next 5 years.

24×7 farmer support

We offer round the clock support to our farmers through an extension services team, rain or shine. With on-ground, telephonic and technological assistance, we are constantly helping them to monitor the crops.

Organic Systems Plan

We have an Organic Systems Plan (OSP) to handle various areas of production, as being ‘Organic’ means managing crop production as a system with complementary factors.

The Sure-supply Promise

High-volume vegetables harvested in 100-day cycles are planted based on long term orders. This ensures high-quality products at predefined delivery periods.

Harvesting and packaging

Our crops are harvested at the right time for the right taste, not a day early or a day late. They are packed with global standards to retain the local flavour and freshness.


By removing the intermediaries, we ensure better price realisations on convenient payment cycles for the farmers. Not to mention highly hygienic, ready-to-eat products for customers.

Greenhouse advantages

Greenhouses are climate controlled structures for growing high-quality saplings. Leaf™ advises the use of it for growing off-season vegetables, fruit crops for the domestic market, planting material acclimatisation, plant breeding and varietals improvement. This man-made structure is designed to reap the benefits of nature.